Monday, November 13, 2006
Differences in the Status Quo
I cannot pretend that I've witnessed the 80's and the 90's mostly in 4-walled seclusions, and thus coudn't talk much about the changes in the world surrounding my seemingly protected life. For even if i have never been out there raising my fist, marching the streets, and shouting my rebellious heart out, change still happen.

One can view it in two ways: my lack of participation in the country's state of affairs either have hastened the change, or have prevented the inevitable destruction of society and culture.

I do not quite want to discredit Juan who is open about his being active in his participation in the state of affairs. He says it will be through his art that he may be able to express his stand, and through his heart that he may be able to withstand all sorta pressure against him fulfiling his goal. I often ask him about what this goal is, and often, i will receive the usual "for the good of the people" reply. I wanted to understand, so i just thought at some other time he could do a better job at explaining these things to me.


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